B.A.N.I. Childbirth Classes - Birthing As Nature Intended
 B.A.N.I™. Baby Childbirth Classes is a complete childbirth education program focused on providing birthing support, high-quality education, and is a childbirth method that teaches women how to achieve a non-medicated, peaceful birth by practicing visualization and imagery techniques, stretches and breathing exercises that prepare the body for a relaxed and a more comfortable birth.
Birth is something that should be looked forward to with excitement, not fear.  When women let go of all the stories and expectations that have been repeated to them since they were old enough to hear them, they will start to ask questions about their pregnancy and birth as to why and when and how, and after getting the answers to these questions, they need to ask, "what are my options?"  
Today, women are taking responsibility for creating the kind of birth they want. 
They have options to have a say in what kind of medications to take, who they want in the room with them, creating what they need to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready. 
Natural childbirth is based on the understanding that your body is designed for birthing and that bringing a child into this world is a perfectly normal, natural process. With B.A.N.I., we prepare you to trust your natural birthing instincts whether its a home birth, water birth, hospital birth, or birthing centers. 
   We offer a free one hour consultation to meet with you and answer any questions or concerns you might have.
New classes start every 4 weeks.
Call or email for class schedule:
                                      Private sessions available
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